By on November 17, 2017

Not only is Cole Johnson on the mic with Cole Sportz (and other shows), he also is an audio producer.

Cole is a guest host on the show ‘Podcast Bay’ with Scott Doucet giving audio, and host, tips on on-air personality mastery in their sound quality of their shows.

Here are all the guest host appearances on ‘Podcast Bay’
(Click on the show’s artwork or title to listen to the show):

Revelations with Cole Johnson
Cole gets into the topic of host discipline as well as making guests feel special. He mentions that you don’t need to announce every guest as a special guest, but you definitely have to make them feel as though they are.

Respect Your Sound, Respect Your Audience
Cole and Scott break down ‘thinking words’ and annoying sounds that drag down the overall performance of a spoken vocal. Nothing decreases the perception of an authority figure on a subject quite like sounding unprepared on the mic.

Revelations with Cole Johnson
In his second Trash, Treasures and Tricks interview on Podcast Bay, Cole sits down with Scott and talks about bad ego in business, relationship gold and the value of being your own resource. Jewels were dispensed and laughs were had by all.

Get Somewhere Quiet
Isn’t it annoying to hear an audio production filled with background noise? Cole breaks down ways you can eliminate distractions without a professional studio to achieve it. Certain things, and places, are mentioned to achieve the maximum effect.

Just Hit Record
Cole begins his frequent contributing spot on Podcast Bay with Scott called ‘The Production Deck’. Cole encourages those wanting to start a podcast no matter the equipment. He simply says, “Just press ‘record’,” and let the rest take care of itself.

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