By on February 6, 2018

Cole Sportz has not only been on its own platform, but it has visited other places as well. Cole Sportz humbly thanks the many shows and hosts below that have extended their platform to ‘sports on another level.’

Here are the following shows where Cole Johnson of Cole Sportz has appeared as a guest
(Click on the show’s artwork or title to listen to the show):

Why Not Sports? w/ D. Murph (D. Murph)
Cole joins Baylor the Great, Big Roy and D. Murph as they talk about their Top Fives, the greatest NFL teams, the greatest NCAA football teams as well as the NFL Playoffs. Fun is had by all in this conversation.

Podcast Bay (Scott Doucet)
Cole is a guest host on Podcast Bay. Enjoy many of his appearances on the show, and see if you take away something for your audio needs in music, radio, voiceovers and/or podcasting.

Communication Untangled (Stacie Speaker)
Cole sits down and has a riveting conversation with Stacie about the origin of Cole Sportz, aspects of social justice in sports and communication origins as a child. He also touches on his production and voiceover talents.

12 Minute Convos (Engel Jones)
Cole gets in-depth with Engel and discusses his parents and their influence on him. He also talks about church, music, divorce, entrepreneurship and how he has been a square peg attempting to fit in round holes.

Tangent City (Dave Maresca)
Cole makes his voice acting debut in an original audio drama series produced by the Hollow9ine Network as Papa. Listen to full episodes Sunday @ 9:00pm ET/6:00pm PT on

The Good Talk (Jonah Lantto | James Owens | EJ Rose)
Cole joins The Good Talk Network family again … this time ushering in the 2017 NFL regular season with Week #1 picks to start the year! Fun times were had by all. Enjoy the conversation.

The Long Short Way (Matisyahu Goren)
Cole joins Matisyahu and talks the tie between sports and spirituality, the curious case of LaVar Ball, the upcoming 2017 NFL season and how Cole Sportz became the phenomenon that it is.

Choppin’ It Up Q (Quinton Simpson | VJ Burton)
Cole joins the podcast cheerleader and your friendly neighborhood street philosopher as they discuss the NFL being tone deaf with social demonstrations, the Kyrie/IT trade and White teenage girls wearing ‘Make America Great Again’ gear to Howard University.

The Simply King Podcast (Rodney Perry)
Cole unpacks the layers of the Colin Kaepernick blackballing claims, and athletes’ social responsibility.  Past athletes are mentioned.  He also predicts Mayweather vs. McGregor circus/fight.

FLAGRANT 2 w/ D Murph (Derrick Murphy)
Cole and D. Murph talk about the beginning of Cole Sportz, the importance of sound quality with broadcasts, the purpose of Revelations and the deep-rooted purpose of Jesus in their lives.

The Good Talk (Jonah Lantto | Kris Raub)
Cole touches many controversial topics such as incarceration & prison reform, cops wearing cameras, the failed drug war. The social justice side of Cole is shown in this appearance.

Blaze Entertainment (Kwame Corbett | Miss Free)
Cole talks about how sports and pop culture collide, the beginning of Cole Sportz, and the different aspects of the show. He also talks about the Podcast Discovery Center.  Ja Rule/Ashanti get a mention.

Angles of Lattitude (JC Preston)
Cole talks about being a creative, having a voice for the radio, and hosting Revelations. He also talks about how Cole Sportz got started, and provide tips for beginner podcasters.

BS3 Sports Show (Ben Sudderth, III)
[67:18] Cole talks about his music production talents and the beginning of Cole Sportz. [171:35] ‘Predators Fever’ in Nashville and the Rockets acquiring Chris Paul.  Sports and music are combined.

The Haver (Drew Carson – with CJ Ripka)
Cole shares the platform with CJ Ripka of Grit & Grace TV and talks podcasting etiquette, livestreaming and even United States politics vs. United Kingdom politics.  It’s free form conversation at its finest.

Branded Pod (Xavi Umeh)
Cole talks about his audio production business, COMI Productions, the thing he’d do differently if he started his business all over again, and what has produced the most successful results.

Next Fan Up (Pod Vader)
Cole talks about the evolution of the Houston Texans, how Chicago threw shade at Mitchell Trubisky, the Browns taking a page from the Patriots in NFL Draft and Odell Beckham, Jr’s immature act.

Ranting and Raving (Steve Hanisch | Christopher Orangeo)
Cole discusses the passion of Texas high school football, the thinning of college powerhouses in The Lone Star State, the Cowboys and the attitude of fans with Houston professional sports.

The 3 Point Conversion Sports Lounge (Mr. Controversy)
Cole speaks [90:00 – 109:33] on the 2017 NBA Eastern Conference First Round matchups giving his predictions on the Pacers vs. Cavs, Bulls vs. Celtics, Bucks vs. Raptors and Hawks vs. Wizards.

Down & Dirty (with Kim and Scott)
Cole gets ‘down and dirty’ in his own way talking language, politics, sports, and broadcasting.  Cole also talks about the importance of how Scripture can change a person’s trajectory.

The Cross Centered Podcast (Matt Irons)
Cole spoke to Matt about how sports and Christianity intersect.  He also talks about the process of writing a book and the important role of Jesus in his life, and self-publishing.

The Spiritual Voice (Pol Cousineau)
Cole talks about spirituality and sports. He also talks about his book, “10 Scriptures in Sports That Can Change Your Life,” the athlete mindset, and the spectator’s role in sports and spirituality.