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    Laser touch product

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    3D TOUCH Interactive Whiteboard


    Pen Touch Interactive Whiteboard(3D TOUCH)

    Product introduction
    We are work on portable interactive whiteboard since 2010. After seven years development, we are the pioneer and leader of portable pen touch interactive whiteboard in China. Now our company has successfully developed and produced the 5th Generation Portable Interactive Whiteboard—3D Touch 5, which is more stable, easy to install and use, response quickly and latency less. 3D Touch 5 use optical technology,it can convert any flat surface into interactive whiteboard.Advantage over traditional whiteboard:auto calibration;write on any flat surface,(such as wall,blackboard,LCD panel);active size from 40-150inch;low cost.

    Product Installation


    Function Introduction

    1. High stability: Use the advanced algorithm to avoid the affect of the light.
    2. Support three ways calibration(Picture A).5s auto calibration(calibrate dot is up to 289units),Semi auto calibration,
        Manual calibration.
    3.Support 10 points touch.Ten people write together without any interference. (Need equip with more pens) (as Picture B)
    4. Support size from:  40-150 inch.
    5. Portable, high integration and easy to install: Total weight is only around 500g. The installation is very easy, just install the sensor mounted to projector or ceiling, No skill needed.
    6. Sensor with the flash chips: Don’t need to calibration if you change the computer with the same resolution ratio. It save time, and make the use easier.
    7. Automatic-control filter.When calibrating,the filter keep open;when finished,the filter close.
    8. Turn common board or wall to touch board. It can turn any flat surface (whiteboard, wall and so on) into ir pen touchable.

    Technical Parameter

    Portable Pen touch interactive whiteboard

    Calibration Automatic(5s) / Manual (25/36 points)
    Technology Optical Technology
    Resolution 4096*4096
    Multi-writing Max 30 people can write at the same time
    Latency <30ms
    Filter  Software auto-control, enhance stability.
    Minimum Active Size 40-inch
    Max Active Size 150-inch 
    Positional Accuracy ±3Pixel  
    Aspect Ratio 4:3;16:9;16:10
    Projector ratio Ultra short throw:0.15, installation distance:0.35m;
    Ultra short throw:0.21, installation distance:0.45m;
    Ultra short throw:0.28, installation distance:0.45m; 
      Short throw:0.34, installation distance:0.54m;
    Long throw:0.86, installation distance:1.4m;
    Long throw:1.34, installation distance: 2.2m.
    (Depends on 80’’ projection screen aspect ratio:4:3)
    Power Consumption 100mw
    Signal refresh rate 120fps. 
    Connect The sensor and computer are connected by USB Cable
    Weight 0.25kg
    OS Requirement Windows 7,windows 8,Windows10,Windows11、Android
    Software Calibration software(driver) and GLboard(education software)
    Certification CE, FCC 
    Warranty 3-year
    Package 1. Sensor 2..Mounts 3.USB cable (12m*1) 4.Infrared pen 5.Manual

    Comparison Table

    Technology Auto Calibrate Multi Writing Calibration Accuracy Portable Response Speed Variable Size Vulnerable Cost
    Electromagnetic Induction No Few Better No Slow No Yes High
    Infrared No No Better No Quicker No Yes High
    Pressure No Few Good   Quick No Yes High
    Ultrasound No No Good   Quick No No Low
    Optical Yes Yes Better   Quickest 40-150inch No Low

    Educational software