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By on August 30, 2016

Conversations | Jeff Pierce

One of the most positive and inspirational people you have ever met – wrestler-turned-coach, Jeff Pierce, learned how to truly succeed from hard knocks and tough times. ‘Stumbling’ into being a wrestling coach as a way to bond with his son, Jeff takes us through the journey of his …

  • Time as a wrestler – [“But grandpa. Are you wrestling that big guy over there? HE’S HUUUGE!”]
  • Unique route into being a wrestling coach – [“I was watching this one coach for, like, three weeks … just totally demeaning to his kids …”]
  • Putting together his book – [“… it has my David and Goliath story …”]
  • View on wealth – [“Wealth is defined as an abundance of valuable assets.”]

His challenge to all of us: — “Are you doing the best that you can do in everything that you can do? And how can you take what you know, no matter what it is, and go out and inspire and empower somebody else to do their best?”

He can be reached at the following destinations:

The home of Jeff Pierce — Sports Wealth, Inc.
Jeff Pierce’s Book — Building Champions: 7 Success Principles for Youth Sports & the Game of Life
Follow him on Facebook — Jeff Pierce – Sports Wealth

He is also due to begin his new podcast entitled, “The Sports Wealth Radio Podcast.”

Many thanks to Jeff for his wisdom during the interview. Now – let’s keep the conversation going!

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