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By on March 15, 2017

Win Charles

Disability has met its match! Author, motivational speaker and podcast host of “Butterflies Of Wisdom,” Win Charles, spends some time in the Conversation. Her book, “I, Win,” chronicles the details of her journey to functioning as if she is not disabled. Her podcast, “Butterflies Of Wisdom,” gives hope and motivation to overcome obstacles (disabled or non-disabled). She weaves us through the following …

  • The origin of her name – [“That was my mom’s mom’s name.”]
  • Her no-excuse mantra for overcoming cerebral palsy – [“I was raised as if I had no disability.”]
  • The purpose of her podcast name – [“(Caterpillars go through a) metamorphosis into a strong, beautiful butterfly.”]
  • Her advice to podcasters – [“Just get out there and do it!”]

Her challenge to all of us: — “If you can dream it, you can live it.”

She can be reached at the following destinations:

Win’s Book — I, Win
Win’s Podcast — Butterflies of Wisdom
Win’s Website Page — Win Charles
Win’s Instagram Page — @winkellycharles
Win’s Twitter Page — @WinKellyCharles
Win’s Facebook Page — Win Kelly Charles
Win’s Facebook Group — Butterflies of Wisdom Podcast

Many thanks to Win for her will and perseverance. Now – let’s keep the conversation going!

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