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By on February 27, 2017

Conversations | Christian Simpson

Former football player – check. Sports analyst – check. Radio contributor/personality – check. New York Giants AND Dallas Cowboys fan? Well – you have to listen for yourself with that one. We welcome curator, blogger, sports analyst, radio contributor – and good friend of the show – Christian Simpson to the show. He also is the official NFL correspondent to Cole Sportz and he had plenty to say. For instance …

  • Remembering the late Stuart Scott – [“He wanted to make it seem like you were there.”]
  • The power of sports – [“Sports is just one of those things that just tries to get you to come together.”]
  • The significance of #61 – [“The number ’61’ is the last number I wore (on the football field). It was a blessing in disguise because that injury propelled me to do other things.”]
  • His admiration for New York – [“New York is the city where it really does not sleep.”]

His challenge to all of us: — “Your success is based on the second letter of the word – ‘U (you)’ … The word ‘no’ stands for ‘Next Opportunity’.”

He can be reached at the following destinations:

Christian’s NEW Website — The Daily Blitz
Christian’s Instagram Page — @thenflanalyst_61
Christian on Twitter — Christian Simpson (@dailyblitz_61)
Christian’s Facebook Group — The World Of Sports
Christian’s Facebook Page — The Daily Blitz

Many thanks to Christian for his strength, knowledge and friendship. Congratulations on all his endeavors. Now – let’s keep the conversation going!

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