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By on February 20, 2017

Brad Coleman

There aren’t any good fathers out there? Well – tell that to Brad Coleman, and he will completely obliterate that notion! The father of two runs a blog focused on fatherhood called “The Fraternity Fatherhood.” He also directs men and women to resources that help men become better fathers through his Facebook group room called “The Frat House.” Brad, a Christian in his Walk as well, talks about his many passions such as …

  • The 2011 World Series – [“Nelson Cruz was set up too shallow in right field … but I’m not bitter.”]
  • His view on the Dallas Cowboys – [“Every year, there’s a high expectation – I think – just because of who they are.”]
  • His overall mission as a father – [“My mission is largely about dads being present for their kids …”]
  • The Biblical understanding of marriage – [“There’s a whole section of 1 Peter where … he is talking about the husband-and-wife relationship … and we really take that out of context in today’s world, I think.”]

His challenge to all of us: — “(Fathers should start, and always strive for,) being present in their own lives for their own health – being present in the lives of their wives.”

He can be reached at the following destinations:

Brad’s Blog — The Fatherhood Fraternity
Brad’s Facebook Group — The Frat House
Brad on Twitter — Brad Coleman (@BradCTx)

Many thanks to Brad for his warmth, resources and intelligence during the interview. Now – let’s keep the conversation going!

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