By on September 7, 2017

Cole Johnson does not only have a critically-acclaimed broadcast, he also is an author. With many books, he has put his thoughts to paper and it is available for you.

Here are the following books that Cole Johnson has written – and we thank you, in advance:

10 Scriptures That Can Change Your Life – Sports Edition
Do you want to tap into the spiritual competitor in you? These Scriptures display tips on how to prepare for, claim and maintain victory. Tap into the ultimate winner in you. Come, and see for yourself, the words, thoughts and actions of a champion from His eyes.

10 Scriptures on Divorce That Can Change Your Life
Are you overjoyed one minute and depressed the next? Do you want to get out of that draining emotional yo-yo? Get a look inside the emotions one endures in a separation. There is love and happiness after divorce – and you are designed to claim it.

10 Scriptures on Joblessness That Can Change Your Life
Have you suffered the pain of a job termination? Are the day-to-day struggles stealing your joy? Then this book is the remedy for your situation! God’s plan for your prosperity will equip you with the tools to overcome past failures – and achieve future success.

10 Scriptures on Racism That Can Change Your Life
Isn’t it time that your value should be determined by your character rather than your skin color? You carry more weight than a racial epithet. The wonderful world of acceptance in its highest form is here. All lives matter … yesterday, today, and forever.

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