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CJ Ripka | Conversations

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Podcast host of ‘Raw & Real’ and the co-host of the livestream, ‘Grit & Grace TV’ with Line Brunet, CJ Ripka joins the Conversation! CJ talks about his time in the US Army, picking up his audio and video skills in the National Guard, and the ultimate reason why he is in content creation in the first place. CJ also talks about business ventures and his time as a professional wrestler. CJ also discusses …

  • His conditions growing up in the Midwest – [“Being a student wasn’t my thing. So I wasn’t going to some great college … I was that skater punk … I fought a lot.”]
  • His time in the US Army and National Guard – [“I was in Kuwait, Afghanistan, Iraq – Afghanistan again … as far as overseas. Being stationed … in the United States, I was at Ft. Campbell (KY), Ft. Carson (CO), (and) Ft. Benning (GA).”]
  • When he started podcasting – [“I came across this thing called ‘audio blogging’ … This was back when WordPress was really basic.”]
  • The motivation for ‘Raw and Real’ – [“I wouldn’t even be podcasting if wasn’t for my wife.”]

CJ’s words of wisdom: “Everybody has the capabilities, the possibilities, the potential to do whatever they want to do. It’s just whether or not they have the grit and the intestinal fortitude to actually go out and just do it …”

He can be reached at the following destinations:

CJ’s Business Website — Ripka Media Group
CJ’s Podcast Home — Raw & Real
CJ’s Facebook Page (Raw & Real) — Raw & Real Live
CJ’s Facebook Page (Grit & Grace TV) — Grit & Grace TV
CJ’s YouTube Livestream Page (Grit & Grace TV) — Grit & Grace TV – YouTube
CJ’s Twitter Page — @cjripka
CJ’s E-mail Address —

Many thanks to CJ for actively helping to make the world a better place. Now – let’s keep the conversation going!

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