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By on May 15, 2017

JC Preston | Conversations

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CEO of New Inceptions and podcast host of ‘Angles of Lattitude’, JC Preston joins the Conversation! He talks about his love of the Colts, being the husband of a military wife and his stint as a professor at Purdue. He also talks about the purpose of New Inceptions and what it can do for new businesses. During this interview, JC also discusses …

  • Growing up in Indiana – [“… pretty vanilla.”]
  • His military wife (sergeant) not being a big sports fan – [“(His wife said) We’ll get matching clothes … you support the military and I’ll support the Colts.”]
  • The concept of his company, New Inceptions – [“… to basically help wantrepreneurs/new entrepreneur … who felt life they were stuck …”]
  • The creation of the podcast, ‘Angles of Lattitude’ – [“I want to help the new person as much as possible.”]

JC’s words of wisdom: “Don’t expect yourself know everything right away …”

He can be reached at the following destinations:

JC’s Business Website — New Inceptions
JC’s Podcast Home — Angles of Lattitude
JC’s Facebook Page — New Inceptions – Facebook
JC’s Twitter Page — @newinceptions
JC’s E-mail Address —

Many thanks to JC for his company helping start-ups go to the next level. Now – let’s keep the conversation going!

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