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By on May 4, 2017

Michelle Price-Johnson | Conversations

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On-air personality, radio executive, media consultant, manager and soon-to-be professor, Michelle Price-Johnson joins the Conversation! Michelle chronicles her time beginning in communications. She also talks about her rise to prominence being on the mic and in the boardroom. Michelle also talks about transitioning out of corporate radio and into being an entrepreneur – as she talks about the Podcast For Profit Academy. Along with those nuggets, Michelle also talks about …

  • One of the best educational pieces of advice she received – [“The best degree is a practical degree.”]
  • Her love of being a radio executive – [“I’m a radio person – and I was kinda’ talking to people who were in my dream … I love to help people be better.”]
  • How on-air personalities and podcasters can improve on their craft – [“Know who their target demo is … If you try to please everybody, you’ll please nobody.”]
  • How she left the 9-to-5 to become an entrepreneur – [“I put together a list of everybody (at radio stations) that would ask me (for help) … and I kept them close. And soon I started to get people that wanted to hire me as a consultant … This process took about a year.”]

She can be reached at the following destinations:

Michelle’s Podcast/Broadcast/Media Service — Podcast For Profit
Michelle’s Media Consultation/Management Home — Michelle Price-Johnson Hub
Michelle’s Facebook Page — Leading at Life with Michelle Price Johnson
Michelle’s Twitter Page — @MJLeadsatLife

Many thanks to Michelle for wealth of knowledge and heart to make others shine. Now – let’s keep the conversation going!

Cole also thanks all the VIPs for the birthday wishes as he speaks a few words about this past weekend.

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